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948 Middle Country Road, Selden, NY 11784 


Josephine has done radio, tv, countless events including fundraisers that have helped raise thousands for worthy causes including the Carol Baldwin fundraiser which raised over $17,000 towards the cure for cancer.

Josephine worked for years as the resident psychic on radio stations such as WLIR FM and WMJC FM where she read live on air for people who called in to receive messages from their loves ones.

She has taught psychic and spiritual development at Hofstra University, Dellecave, Enchanting Cottage, Holbrook Wellness Center and many other locations throughout the Island.

Josephine is renowned for her powerful, compassionate group readings which are held at schools, firehouses, restaurants, private charity establishments and others locations throughout the Island. Private readings are held in her Selden, NY office.

Josephine has chosen metaphysics as her life's journey, and has always incorporated its' philosophies into her everyday life. She has touched the lives of thousands from all walks of life. Her sincerity, honesty and pure heart have always been her strengths.

As a psychic, medium, lecturer and vessel of guidance to the growing number of people who have found their way to Josephine over the years, she has seen lives change due to her God-gifted ability to communicate with loved ones.

Josephine remembers from her childhood her special link to the unknown. As a child, she saw spirits, astral projected, traveled through the veil. Often times, making it difficult for her to feel connected to this world. Not knowing what this all meant kept her in a very unusual place as a child into her young adult years.

One of her first memories of deep loss and spirit connection was when her grandpa passed. After the tragic death of her brother, Josephine sought out to communicate with him through a renowned medium that subsequently led her on her life's journey. At that time, she worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Some time later, she decided to leave her position to enter into the world of the unknown to pursue her calling as a spirit communicator.

Josephine continues to service others and remains true to her spirit journey in spite of her unspeakable tragedies she has had to endure. Her brother in 1978, both her parents 2001, her sister in 2005 and on Oct 4th, 2009, a mother’s worst nightmare, her beloved son James rose into the white light, there are no words! Together with her strong faith and signs from her son and family above she continues to stay strong.

Just weeks after James passed, her colleague and friend for whom she holds the utmost respect John Edward, gave her a reading that remains in her heart to this day. With John's compassion and Josephine living through this unspeakable sorrow and pain, both wanted to help others in their grieving. Together they taped 3 sessions on Tribute to A Son and a two part taping of A Lesson in Grief. All can be viewed on here .

Josephine hopes you watch these videos and that in some way by her sharing her pain and sorrow that she can bring a sense of strength to you. Her desire is for all of us to live with courage and take comfort in knowing that one day we we will all be reunited.


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